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What is a FranNet Franchisee?
A FranNet franchisee, commonly called a FranNet consultant, is a local business expert who works with individuals interested in business ownership identify their skillset, personal and business goals, budget and ideals, and uniquely matches those traits with a franchise business seeking that specific type of franchisee candidate.

FranNet consultants utilize a proprietary Personal Franchise Assessment (PFA), a sort of personality test of one’s business acumen, to assess an individual from many facets, including focusing on their behavior profile, risk tolerance and financial background.  These attributes are combined with what the company has learned in the marketplace over the 25-plus years we’ve been in business to ideally match the person to a franchise concept.

FranNet’s services are free.  How does a FranNet consultant receive compensation?
FranNet has relationships with some of the best franchise companies in the world that are looking for highly qualified franchisee candidates.  If through our research and profiling process, we present a candidate to the franchise company and that person invests into the franchise, the franchisor pays FranNet a fee. As a result, the consultant is paid a percentage of that fee. 

Think of us like an executive recruiter helping to match individuals to franchisors looking for their specific skill sets.  It doesn’t cost our clients any more or any less than if they did all the research on their own, found all the resources on their own, and ultimately went straight to the franchisor.  However, we arm our clients with information and educate them on understanding themselves first, then understanding which concepts perfectly match their profile. 

What does it cost to become a FranNet franchisee in my area?
Depending upon the specifics of your particular market and its population, the total investment necessary to begin operation of a FranNet business ranges from $44,550 to $81,700. This includes between $15,000 and $35,000 that must be paid to FranNet or its affiliate prior to opening for business. 

I’m interested in becoming a FranNet franchisee in my area. What do I need to do?
Simple.  If after reading over the site and feeling as though you could thrive in the rich opportunity of franchise consulting, click here for a contact form and tell us about yourself.  Provide us with all the pertinent information and we’ll get right back with you to begin the exploration process.

I’m also reading about a Master FranNet Franchisee?  What is that?
FranNet is also searching for franchisee partners to acquire regional development rights for specific geographic areas and retain the rights to sell FranNet franchises within those markets.

More important, as the master franchisee, you are given the exclusive development rights for your region/country. As you grow a network of FranNet consultants within your market, you will share in the royalty stream from each of those consultants’ transactions throughout the lives of their businesses. 

As FranNet continues its aggressive international expansion, becoming a master franchisee presents a unique business opportunity for those wishing to find emerging companies early in their franchise lifespan within a geographic area.  FranNet is just that company – with a long history of representing the highest quality brands in the U.S. These brands with which FranNet works feel the success and relationship they have built with FranNet Consultants in the United States can be emulated internationally. For this reason, we are seeking to plant international roots with entrepreneurs worldwide whom have strong sales and marketing skill sets.

What is the investment range to become a FranNet Master franchisee?
Our Master franchise fees range between $50,000 - $350,000 depending on the size of the region/country and number of sub offices that can be opened within your country. Our trained international franchise specialist can outline these costs in greater detail for you specifically.

I would like to become the Master FranNet franchisee for an entire region.  Can I do that?
Yes, we have regions and territories all over the world that are available.  Please fill out a “Request for Consideration” form indicating which regions you are interested in.

What types of franchisors does FranNet represent in my region or country?
FranNet has a broad stable of the world’s best franchises with which it works representing many industries from service-based to retail concepts.  Depending on the region and the franchise will determine which franchises are available in your area.  To best understand which franchisors are available in your region, fill out a “Request for Consideration” form and you’ll be put in touch with a FranNet representative who can give you more franchisors’ details.

How are available franchisors located in my region or country?
FranNet is the most respected leader in the franchise consulting industry and has an impeccable reputation of delivering the highest quality leads to our franchisor partners.  We work hard with our franchise partners constantly evaluating them financially and operationally to ensure that we only represent the best franchisors in their respective industries.  Through those relationships, we seek opportunities to support their international expansion efforts in parts of the world where it makes sense for the franchisor and FranNet. 

Additionally, there may be franchise opportunities specifically within a region that we evaluate and mutually agree to represent within that region.  Bottom line, FranNet will only represent the highest quality franchisors regardless of location.       

How does a FranNet consultant secure and build a client base?
There are a number of ways in which a consultant could build their client base and business. 

How are regions and/or territories defined?
Typically, FranNet defines its consultants’ territories by zip codes to ensure that each consultant is operating in a geographically protected area.  Each of the areas are broken down further by population, demographics and referral sources to ensure it is a viable territory.

What training do FranNet franchisees/consultants receive?
FranNet prides itself on an extensive training program for all new franchisees/consultants.  All of the necessary skills and program available to you will be covered extensively through the regimented training program.  Additionally, ongoing training is made available to you through seminars, webinars and online courses, among others, with FranNet.


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